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First comes love, then comes marriage. And within it, a million other things; like bridesmaid proposals.

Styleper is here to help when it is the time for you to ask your besties to be by your side on your BIG day. Featuring a thoughtfully curated assortment of personalized bridesmaid proposal gifts, our products are made with craftsmanship and quality in mind, leaving your bridesmaids with a personal touch while cutting the fuss. 

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Other than your personal portal for bridesmaid gifts, consider Styleper your one-stop fashion destination offering a range of fashion accessories that help bring any outfit together. Order via our online store, or through our customized box subscription service for a fuss-free shopping experience. Look good, feel good with Styleper.

The Styleper Girl

Styleper represents more than just the clothes on your back. It embodies the modern woman, distinct but not fixed, constantly evolving but firmly rooted in her values. It is manifested in the consciousness of our customers, fleeting perpetually between work and play, femininity and masculinity, personal and public, local and global, the then and now. At our marketplace, you’ll find an aesthetic you can call your own, for who you are and who you will be.